Sohini Moksha

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Sohinimoksha...The World Dance Troupe

Performances and Workshops

Sohinimoksha is Sohini Roychowdhury’s multinational dance troupe, which recreates the mythological, mystical magic of India, through classical Indian Temple dance, fused with dance forms, and artistic influences, from all over the world. The troupe consists of her students, and professional dancers, from all over Europe, Latin America, USA, the Middle East and India. Sohinimoksha’s performances across India and the world, have been garnering tumultuous audience appreciation, and rave critical reviews everywhere.

Sohinimoksha’s dynamic dance operas depict vignettes from Indian epics and legends - in their full glory, colour and rhythm. The dance themes include stories about the Hindu Gods Shiva, Vishnu and his ten incarnations, Krishna with Radha, his lady love and hundreds of Gopis, about Vedic mysticism and philosophy, about myths and fables from across the world, and also about universal themes of nature conservation, women empowerment and current issues and celebrations of life and society.

Sohini’s choreographies for Sohinimoksha fuses Bharatanatyam with Flamenco, Ballet, Flamenco Arabe, Jazz Ballet, Folk Dances, Modern Dances, and are usually set to thematic music tracks that combine the best of Indian classical dance music with world music.

Through her troupe, Sohini has globalized Indian dance, and evolved a novel stagecraft that is now uniquely identifiable as the Sohinimoksha style.