Sohini Moksha

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Connecting Civilizations

Connecting Civilization

Sohini’s dedication and special talent as an exponent of India’s oldest classical dance Bharatanatyam, her unique choreography and stagecraft, her ability to adapt and fuse the best that the world of International dance and music has to offer, with her Bharatanatyam based choreographies, her culture and language bridging communication skills, have all combined together to create the unique border-less world of Sohinimoksha.

Celebrating the Humanism of Rumi, Sufi mysticism, the mesmeric quality of Vedic and Gregorian chants, tracing the cult of the Mother Goddess from its Egyptian roots, through pre-Baroque times to the Latin countries, alongside India, the timeless message of Gandhi – all combine to underline Sohini’s, and Sohinimoksha’s, world-view and mission – Connecting Civilizations!